Aerohive Networks Inc.

1011 McCarthy Blvd Milpitas CA US 95035

Aerohive Networks Inc. have 18 MAC address assignments registerd.

MAC address assignments

Registry Prefix First MAC in span Last MAC in span
MA-L BCF310 BCF310000000 BCF310FFFFFF
MA-L 9C5D12 9C5D12000000 9C5D12FFFFFF
MA-L 348584 348584000000 348584FFFFFF
MA-L C8675E C8675E000000 C8675EFFFFFF
MA-L E01C41 E01C41000000 E01C41FFFFFF
MA-L D854A2 D854A2000000 D854A2FFFFFF
MA-L 206C8A 206C8A000000 206C8AFFFFFF
MA-L 7C95B1 7C95B1000000 7C95B1FFFFFF
MA-L 787D53 787D53000000 787D53FFFFFF
MA-L 08EA44 08EA44000000 08EA44FFFFFF
MA-L 885BDD 885BDD000000 885BDDFFFFFF
MA-L C8665D C8665D000000 C8665DFFFFFF
MA-L 001977 001977000000 001977FFFFFF
MA-L 4018B1 4018B1000000 4018B1FFFFFF
MA-L F09CE9 F09CE9000000 F09CE9FFFFFF
MA-L C413E2 C413E2000000 C413E2FFFFFF
MA-L B87CF2 B87CF2000000 B87CF2FFFFFF


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