Actiontec Electronics, Inc

301 Olcott St Santa Clara CA US 95054

Actiontec Electronics, Inc have 14 MAC address assignments registerd.

MAC address assignments

Registry Prefix First MAC in span Last MAC in span
MA-L 84E892 84E892000000 84E892FFFFFF
MA-L 000FB3 000FB3000000 000FB3FFFFFF
MA-L 001505 001505000000 001505FFFFFF
MA-L 001801 001801000000 001801FFFFFF
MA-L 007F28 007F28000000 007F28FFFFFF
MA-L 408B07 408B07000000 408B07FFFFFF
MA-L 109FA9 109FA9000000 109FA9FFFFFF
MA-L 001EA7 001EA7000000 001EA7FFFFFF
MA-L 105F06 105F06000000 105F06FFFFFF
MA-L A83944 A83944000000 A83944FFFFFF
MA-L 181BEB 181BEB000000 181BEBFFFFFF
MA-L 001F90 001F90000000 001F90FFFFFF
MA-L 207600 207600000000 207600FFFFFF


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