Sichuan Changhong Electric Ltd.

Sichuan Changhong Electric Ltd. have more than one address registered

East MianXin Road
China. MianYang SiChuan CN PRC 621000

35 East Mianxing Road
High-Tech Park
MianYang SiChuan CN 621000

MAC address assignments

Registry Prefix First MAC in span Last MAC in span
MA-L B46077 B46077000000 B46077FFFFFF
MA-L C0132B C0132B000000 C0132BFFFFFF
MA-L 001449 001449000000 001449FFFFFF
MA-L 00E400 00E400000000 00E400FFFFFF
MA-L 1899F5 1899F5000000 1899F5FFFFFF
MA-L 006CFD 006CFD000000 006CFDFFFFFF
MA-L 842C80 842C80000000 842C80FFFFFF
MA-L 982F3C 982F3C000000 982F3CFFFFFF
MA-L D84710 D84710000000 D84710FFFFFF
MA-L 6488FF 6488FF000000 6488FFFFFFFF


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