Sony Corporation

Sony Corporation have more than one address registered

Gotenyama Tec 5-1-2 Tokyo Shinagawa-ku JP 141-0001

Gotenyama Tec. 5-1-12 Shinagawa-ku Tokyo JP 141-0001

Gotenyama Tec
Shinagawa-ku Tokyo JP 141-0001

Gotenyama Tec
5-1-2 Kitashinagawa Tokyo JP 141-0001

1-7-1 Konan Minato-ku Tokyo JP 108-0075

MAC address assignments

Registry Prefix First MAC in span Last MAC in span
MA-L 30F9ED 30F9ED000000 30F9EDFFFFFF
MA-L 544249 544249000000 544249FFFFFF
MA-L F0BF97 F0BF97000000 F0BF97FFFFFF
MA-L 5453ED 5453ED000000 5453EDFFFFFF
MA-L 0024BE 0024BE000000 0024BEFFFFFF
MA-L 78843C 78843C000000 78843CFFFFFF
MA-L 001DBA 001DBA000000 001DBAFFFFFF
MA-L 00014A 00014A000000 00014AFFFFFF
MA-L 080046 080046000000 080046FFFFFF
MA-L 001A80 001A80000000 001A80FFFFFF
MA-L 0013A9 0013A9000000 0013A9FFFFFF
MA-L FCF152 FCF152000000 FCF152FFFFFF
MA-L D8D43C D8D43C000000 D8D43CFFFFFF
MA-L 3C0771 3C0771000000 3C0771FFFFFF
MA-L 104FA8 104FA8000000 104FA8FFFFFF
MA-L 045D4B 045D4B000000 045D4BFFFFFF


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