Technicolor CH USA Inc.

5030 Sugarloaf Parkway Bldg 6 Lawrenceville GA US 30044

MAC address assignments

Registry Prefix First MAC in span Last MAC in span
MA-L 1033BF 1033BF000000 1033BFFFFFFF
MA-L E03717 E03717000000 E03717FFFFFF
MA-L 70037E 70037E000000 70037EFFFFFF
MA-L 0C0227 0C0227000000 0C0227FFFFFF
MA-L 48F7C0 48F7C0000000 48F7C0FFFFFF
MA-L B0C287 B0C287000000 B0C287FFFFFF
MA-L 28BE9B 28BE9B000000 28BE9BFFFFFF
MA-L 54A65C 54A65C000000 54A65CFFFFFF
MA-L 603D26 603D26000000 603D26FFFFFF
MA-L BC9B68 BC9B68000000 BC9B68FFFFFF
MA-L 7C9A54 7C9A54000000 7C9A54FFFFFF
MA-L 10C25A 10C25A000000 10C25AFFFFFF
MA-L 58238C 58238C000000 58238CFFFFFF
MA-L 3817E1 3817E1000000 3817E1FFFFFF
MA-L 705A9E 705A9E000000 705A9EFFFFFF
MA-L 80C6AB 80C6AB000000 80C6ABFFFFFF
MA-L CC3540 CC3540000000 CC3540FFFFFF
MA-L C42795 C42795000000 C42795FFFFFF
MA-L 946A77 946A77000000 946A77FFFFFF
MA-L 441C12 441C12000000 441C12FFFFFF
MA-L 80B234 80B234000000 80B234FFFFFF
MA-L 4432C8 4432C8000000 4432C8FFFFFF
MA-L E0885D E0885D000000 E0885DFFFFFF
MA-L 802994 802994000000 802994FFFFFF
MA-L 3CB74B 3CB74B000000 3CB74BFFFFFF
MA-L 8417EF 8417EF000000 8417EFFFFFFF
MA-L 88F7C7 88F7C7000000 88F7C7FFFFFF
MA-L 08952A 08952A000000 08952AFFFFFF
MA-L B42A0E B42A0E000000 B42A0EFFFFFF
MA-L 14B7F8 14B7F8000000 14B7F8FFFFFF
MA-L 500959 500959000000 500959FFFFFF
MA-L FC9114 FC9114000000 FC9114FFFFFF
MA-L 8C04FF 8C04FF000000 8C04FFFFFFFF
MA-L 905851 905851000000 905851FFFFFF
MA-L 087E64 087E64000000 087E64FFFFFF
MA-L 80D04A 80D04A000000 80D04AFFFFFF
MA-L A456CC A456CC000000 A456CCFFFFFF
MA-L FC528D FC528D000000 FC528DFFFFFF
MA-L D08A91 D08A91000000 D08A91FFFFFF
MA-L 3C9A77 3C9A77000000 3C9A77FFFFFF
MA-L 1062D0 1062D0000000 1062D0FFFFFF
MA-L D05A00 D05A00000000 D05A00FFFFFF
MA-L 14987D 14987D000000 14987DFFFFFF
MA-L 480033 480033000000 480033FFFFFF
MA-L D0B2C4 D0B2C4000000 D0B2C4FFFFFF
MA-L FC94E3 FC94E3000000 FC94E3FFFFFF


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