Wistron Neweb Corporation

Wistron Neweb Corporation have more than one address registered

20 Park Avenue II
Hsinchu Science Park
Hsinchu TW 308

No.20 Park Avenue II Hsinchu TW 308

20 Park Avenue II
Hsin Science Park
Hsinchu 308
Taiwan HsinChu Taiwan TW 308

No. 10-1
Li-hsin Road I
Hsinchu Science Park
Hsinchu TW 300

No. 10-1
Li-Hsin Road I
Science-based Hsinchu TW 300

Park Avenue II
Hsinchu Science Park Hsin-Chu R.O.C. TW 308

20 Park Avenue II. Hsinchu TW 30808854

MAC address assignments

Registry Prefix First MAC in span Last MAC in span
MA-L 90A4DE 90A4DE000000 90A4DEFFFFFF
MA-L 6002B4 6002B4000000 6002B4FFFFFF
MA-L 80EA23 80EA23000000 80EA23FFFFFF
MA-L A854B2 A854B2000000 A854B2FFFFFF
MA-L 30144A 30144A000000 30144AFFFFFF
MA-L 48A9D2 48A9D2000000 48A9D2FFFFFF
MA-L BC307D BC307D000000 BC307DFFFFFF
MA-L 001BB1 001BB1000000 001BB1FFFFFF
MA-L 000B6B 000B6B000000 000B6BFFFFFF
MA-L 2824FF 2824FF000000 2824FFFFFFFF
MA-L 746FF7 746FF7000000 746FF7FFFFFF
MA-L D86162 D86162000000 D86162FFFFFF
MA-L 8C579B 8C579B000000 8C579BFFFFFF
MA-L 64FF0A 64FF0A000000 64FF0AFFFFFF
MA-L 44E4EE 44E4EE000000 44E4EEFFFFFF
MA-L E037BF E037BF000000 E037BFFFFFFF
MA-L B8B7F1 B8B7F1000000 B8B7F1FFFFFF
MA-L B00073 B00073000000 B00073FFFFFF
MA-L B89F09 B89F09000000 B89F09FFFFFF
MA-L BC307E BC307E000000 BC307EFFFFFF


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