Look up mac address vendor, IP or domainname Search ex. 00-11-22-33-44-55,, AS21195 or idg.se

Welcome to NetLookup.se

NetLookup is a service aimed towards computer networking professionals. The goal is to provide an easy interface to a multitude of different databases, presenting the data in a format that is fast to read.
To use the service, simply input the query in the field above. The search engine will automatically understand what kind of data it is and do a proper search based on the input.
Queries formatted as a MAC address will be treated as such. If it looks like an IP (both IPv4 and IPv6), all data will be fetched from the appropriate RIR. Finally, if it's a domain name all registrant data will be fetched from the registrar.

How to search

By using the field above you can find a MAC address vendor using an MAC address. You only need the first 6 first chars to make a search, those are the vendor specific chars. NetLookup supports all known formats of an MAC address, so you just enter the MAC address from your application into the searchfield to make a lookup.
Other formats are also available, see the list below.

Supported search queries

  • MAC address
  • IPv4/IPv6
  • AS number
  • Domain name

Example queries

Below are some example of what you can enter into the searchfield to make a lookup.

MAC address vendor lookup

Use one of the methods below to make a lookup
00:16:cb:a4:bd:ca - Will return the vendor of the MAC, in this case Apple Computer.
00-16-cb-a4-bd-ca - Same as above
0016.cba4.bdca - Same as above


Use one of the methods below to make an IP lookup - Will fetch all data from the RIR - Will preform IPcalc using the /24 mask and fetch all data from the RIR
2001:16d8:ff6c:: - Will fetch all data from the RIR
2001:16d8:ff6c::1:2:3:4 - Same as above

AS Number

AS21195 - Queries the RIR, in this case RIPE, and outputs all data

Domain name

example.com - The data about the domain will be taken from the registrar

MAC address vendor list

All MAC adress vendors are listed in tableform at this page.


Do you like this site, or have any suggestions how to make it better, don't hesitate to contact me @ johan at netlookup.se!