MAC prefix 00E0FE

Cisco Systems, Inc is registered for MAC prefix 00E0FE. This prefix starts with MAC address 00E0FE000000 and ends with 00E0FEFFFFFF.

This vendor has a total of 27 MAC address prefixes registered.

Contact information

Cisco Systems, Inc

MAC address assignments

Below is a list of all MAC addresses registered to Cisco Systems, Inc.

Registry Prefix First MAC in span Last MAC in span
MA-L 00E0F9 00E0F9000000 00E0F9FFFFFF
MA-L 00E0A3 00E0A3000000 00E0A3FFFFFF
MA-L 00E0FE 00E0FE000000 00E0FEFFFFFF
MA-L 00E0B0 00E0B0000000 00E0B0FFFFFF
MA-L 00E0F7 00E0F7000000 00E0F7FFFFFF
MA-L 00605C 00605C000000 00605CFFFFFF
MA-L 001054 001054000000 001054FFFFFF
MA-L 00101F 00101F000000 00101FFFFFFF
MA-L 00E034 00E034000000 00E034FFFFFF
MA-L 00603E 00603E000000 00603EFFFFFF
MA-L 00000C 00000C000000 00000CFFFFFF
MA-L 00E08F 00E08F000000 00E08FFFFFFF
MA-L 0010F6 0010F6000000 0010F6FFFFFF
MA-L 001011 001011000000 001011FFFFFF
MA-L 00E04F 00E04F000000 00E04FFFFFFF
MA-L 0010A6 0010A6000000 0010A6FFFFFF
MA-L 00067C 00067C000000 00067CFFFFFF
MA-L 006083 006083000000 006083FFFFFF
MA-L 006070 006070000000 006070FFFFFF
MA-L 00602F 00602F000000 00602FFFFFFF
MA-L 0010FF 0010FF000000 0010FFFFFFFF
MA-L 00E01E 00E01E000000 00E01EFFFFFF
MA-L 00E014 00E014000000 00E014FFFFFF
MA-L 0006C1 0006C1000000 0006C1FFFFFF
MA-L 006047 006047000000 006047FFFFFF
MA-L 006009 006009000000 006009FFFFFF
MA-L 00400B 00400B000000 00400BFFFFFF


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